Camera Ready Art:

We need hard-edged, high resolution, black & white camera-ready art  to ensure the best quality end product. Camera ready art is just what the name implies: a clear, crisp, uniform image. It should be infinitely scalable, up and down, so that it looks great whether its printed in the telephone directory or on a highway billboard. If the design is multi-colored, a separate black on white image is required for each color. From each image a film positive is created, which is required to 'cut' a screen. In short, the less colors in a design, the less the printing cost will be.
The following is not camera ready art :
- Any type of photocopy
- Anything Faxed
- Business cards, existing tshirts, or other printed items.
- Letterheads
- Dirty artwork - smudges, pencil lines, smudges, marks, etc.
- Tone images - Black and white photos, Color photos.

We are able to work with whatever you have, a scribble on a napkin, or simply an idea. There will of course be a fee for this service, call us we would be happy to quote your needs.

Files Types: A vector file is the easiest to scale and seperate, the colors are what is refered to as 'spot colors', a defined number of solid colors in the design; a raster file if not profesionally seperated can be fairly time consuming to seperate the colors, as there can be millions of colors and shades and is made up of pixels or dots.

A vector file is an image composed of paths. These files are usually created in Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw. Common file extensions are pdf, eps, ai and cdr. All fonts should be converted to curves. It is also usefull to list the font names for future manipulation / changes.

A raster file is an image composed of pixels. These files are usually from cameras, scanned, taken from the web or created with programs like Adobe Photoshop. Common file extensions are .jpg, .gif, .tif, .bmp, .png and .pdf.  These files should be at least 300 dpi (dots per inch) at the size required to be reproduced. All images must be flattened.

Images from websites and the Internet are only 72 dpi and very low resolution = low quality for printing. These look great on your computer monitor but are not useable for printing. They are usefull as a guide only and require redrawing.

Other Formats:
Hardcopy. We can scan from your original art. Keep in mind that sometimes this requires a fair amount of art time to make the piece print ready.

MS Word files. These aren't graphic files and are pretty much useless to us other than as a guide to recreate the image.

Layout programs like InDesign, Quark or Pagemaker do not make acceptable art files for screen printing.

The final screened design                         The 4 colors separated 'camera ready'
screen printing
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